Is there a better day to make an update about a game in which we care for evil creatures little hearts? NOP!

The next release will be EVIL (https://github.com/OpenDungeons/OpenDungeons/issues/9) and will show to the world our dark dedication to its destruction and slavement for fun and profit. But meanwhile you can grab this version and have a little taste for it:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/5t4wgigjtqd2s ... 2.zip?dl=0 (win32)

With the above dev release many improvements were made included and bugs squashed, sadly it included a few bugs which are already corrected in our Github project page (https://github.com/OpenDungeons) like the Great Chicken Crossing (TM), they are still here, dont mind them. The upgrades made over the last version are not to be laugh at anyways :


- Enormous creature behavior improvement, Miners dont go on strike anymore!
- Miners won't dare to attack either fighter creatures or rooms, they learnt their place!
- Fighters creatures being too hungry or drowsy have a chance to flee instead of fighting.They will also flee when near death!
- Creatures have now a different speed and passability depending on the terrain (water, lava, dirt)
- Added support for team alliances!! Now you can compete with a friend or an ally AI against opponents!
- Added support to start a game with a given amount of gold!
- Improved traps. They can now be fought either by claiming or fighting them!

- Now the server tells the clients which map to load. the clients don't have to chose one, risking unsync errors.
- Made the level internal name displayed in the loading list and added the level description and info when clicking on one level in the list.
- Added new refined in-game GUI, dropping a lot of the old generic skin
- Added price display for rooms and traps
- Colored in red the price text when building a room/trap is too expensive.
- Your playing color is now displayed on top of the screen

- Improved spatial sounds support.
- Improved music handling so one specific track can be called using its name, and added cross-fade support.
- Added support to trigger a battle music when your minions are struggling.
- New sounds when depositing gold, dropping a creature, menu click-sounds, ...

Game content:
- New slime monster
- New chicken coop in the hatchery
- New in-game font, more evilish
- New Models for rooms
- New Spike trap!

- Added a loading menu
- Added support to choose the current team id of entities placed on map.
- Added minimap support for the editor

- A huge work on bugfixing, too.
- Some big work on making OpenDungeons installable on Linux and thus packageable, and on overall cmake handling of the program and its dependencies.
- Reorganized Credits and clarified Licensing. I our humble opinion, OD is made of 100% open-licensed stuff.
- Fixed the weird luminescence seen on certain wall tiles due to the incomplete appliance of normal textures.

All of this thanks to our coders and modelers, next release will include a lot of new 3d models and functionalities! Check out our forums or github for fresh news or updates! the real action happens there!



Its summer time, we like summer time, it turns humans all crispy and well done, perfect for feeding our hordes of ever hungry minions. And while the ignorant fools laze around sunbathing in beaches we took the time to hire a few dungeon decorators, now we can relax in our brand new Library (pity no one knows how to read), contemplate our Treasury brimming with gold or play around on our recently replaced and ultra-absorvent Dormitory carpet, by the way, a few goblins have gone missing in it, it migth be way too absorvent but its not like they will be missed.

Training Hall     



Upon notice of our dungeon renewal a couple of big guys decided to join us, i present to you the hard-headed Troll and the tin can opener Scarab.

Big guys

But thats not all, the decorators are still going up and down, taking scales, breaking walls... and promise to have more new rooms ready before the end of the millemiun.

Among the updates the most exciting ones are the upgraded icons, improved AI, creatures sane resize, map generation by image file, pause and in-game menus, level selector,  a hero side... and many other small fixes; but the Crown goes to the already functional Multiplayer Mode!!

Keep tuned, we may not talk much but we wont stop our world conquer plans...

Spring Time


Spring is finally here.
As far as the eye meets fields of grass and flowers have risen from the cold dead dirt and rocks.
Plentiful crops and early fruit have countered the upcoming struggle and threats of war.

We hate it!
All this prosper and happiness is forcing us back deep underground,
where we'll be working on more sinister plots.

Yet we haven't been just sitting still these last months.
We have, for one, upgraded the game to work with:

  • Ogre3D 1.9
  • CEGUI 0.8
  • SMLF 2

Some of the newly implemented features are:

  • A new main menu
  • A working console
  • A more reliable digger
  • Coloring of the claimed tiles
  • New Orc moving animation.
Added Models: 
Skorpio's Cave Hornet
Skorpio's Dwarf

OpenDungeon's new website


OpenDungeons has begun construction on its new website. This upgrade is not all about the looks but will ensure a proper channel of information to users, developers/designers and other interested parties.



Finally there is new binary for Windows 32bit working standalone !

Of current development branch Download from here !
Delivered to you by Bertram :) !

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